Membership of the International Association of Behaviour Detection and Analysis

IABDA - Membership

Application guidelines for organisational members 

Membership to the IABDA is open to anyone with an interest in Behavioural Detection, Analysis and awareness and who is committed to the objectives of the IABDA.

IABDA consists of the following memberships


Behaviour Detection and Analysis Professional


A person who is a trainer in behaviour analysis and detection skills or trained Behaviour Analysis and Detection operator who is employed in a role where the use of Behaviour Analysis and Detection skills are required on a routine basis. An individual who can perform alone or part of a team and perform joint working with other agencies. 


Behaviour Detection and Analysis Enhanced Practitioner


A person who has passed a Behaviour Detection Enhanced Operator course who can be deployed to supplement BD Professionals during BD operations. An individual who makes use of behaviour detection and analysis skills to enhance the role they perform as a security practitioner. A security practitioner is an individual who is employed to provide security such as, foot or mobile patrol, access control or that of checkpoint screening within an airport environment. 


Behaviour Detection Aware


A person who has received basic awareness training package enabling the individual to be more aware and informed of what suspicious behaviour or activity may look like. Providing knowledge and confidence to challenge or report concerns, adding value too or assisting to develop a security culture. An understanding of What is the meaning of normal for their environment where they live or employed? What is the expectation? Based on appearance and behaviour with that of the norm and not racially, religious or sexually profiling. 

Corporate Membership

For more information on corporate membership, please email our membership team at